Bioregionalism and Localism

  • Localism based on small scale self-sufficiency
    • We do need to bring lessons from [[ Regen Communities ]] to cities and the rest of the population
  • Bioregionalism requires a wider focus, on the bioregional scale
    • Increasing capacity for local food
    • Re-foresting
    • Energy transition

Technology and Sustainability

Technology Alone Won’t Save The Climate

technological change alone will not lead to transformations towards sustainability. It could lead humanity in diverse directions, pleasant and unpleasant ones, and with different social and environmental impacts. For example, rapid advances in sequencing technologies and bioinformatics have enabled exploration of the ocean genome, but the capacity to access and use sequence data is inequitably distributed among countries and companies (Blasiak et al. 2018, 2020). The technological dimension of development has to be deliberately and strategically guided, to contribute to just and sustainable futures and guided how and by whom as a central challenge

Technological change has been instrumental in globalization and will be instrumental for global sustainability. No doubt, the new era of technological breakthroughs will radically change the structure and operation of societies and cultures. But, as has been made clear here, the recipe for sustainable futures also concerns cultural transformations that guide technological change in support of a resilient biosphere; that reconnect development to the biosphere foundation

Our future in the Anthropocene biosphere) by [[ Stockholm Resilience Center ]]


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