Mantra: You have to talk about it World based more on collaboration, mutual support Focus on small scale, individuals, relationships etc…


  1. Mindset, Culture & Relationships in Decentralized Organizations
    • Self-management (mindset and skills)
    • Growth Culture (growth mindset, Deliberately Developmental Orgs)
    • Practices
  2. Psychological Safety in Decentralized Organizations
  3. Collective Decision-Making
    • 4 Methods (Consensus, Consent, Advice, Mandate)
    • Building a Decision Protocol
    • Getting Unstuck
  4. Remote Work Tools & Tips

  5. Decentralized Organization Rhytms
    • When do you come together?
    • Retrospectives: stop, reflect, and learn
  6. Decentralized Organization Roles & Accountability
    • How to assign roles?
    • Accountability Systems
      • **Instead of asking why someone hasn’t delivered, ask how they can be supported **
  7. Money in Decentralized Orgs
    • Start with transparency
    • Unpacking money stories
  8. Power Dynamics in Decentralized Orgs
    • Talk about it
    • Cultivate people’s power within
    • Limit Power over
  9. Conflict & Feedback in Collectives
    • Agreement about norms, values and boundaries

Facilitating Exercises

  • How do we want to be together?

  • Balcony moment

    • At the end of the call, reflect on how it felt, what you learned, what triggered you
  • Troika Consulting

    • Step 1: client shares their challenge + consultants ask clarifying questions (5 min)
    • Step 2: consultants discuss while client has their camera+mic off (6 min)
    • Step 3: closing reflection from client & prep for next round (2 min)
    • You have 1 min between rounds to switch clients. Cycle thru clients in alphabetical order.
  • Trigger log

  • Course - Patterns of Decentralized Organizing - Journaling Exercises

  • More exercises

Books & Articles

Deliberately Developmental Organizations

Psychological Safety, Care, Pods

course Decentralized Organizations