Culture, Society and Our Biases

Crazy to think how slavery used to be well accepted by almost everyone just because everyone else was also doing it.

We always think that people in the past used to be crazy and during our lifetime things are more or less right, but that’s clearly a fallacy and Factory Farming and extreme inequality clearly shows that today.

Culture influences:

Basis in Biology

  • Humans are extremely adaptive to their environments
    • children take a year to walk, a horse takes 20 minutes
    • We need time to become independent because we need to learn and understand
  • Our culture makes us more than our genes

From Sapiens by Harari

Culture and Biology

  • There’s no such thing a Sapiens’ “Natural way of life”. There are only cultural choices.

  • A man is not a Sapiens with particular biological qualities such as XY chromosomes, testicles and lots of testosterones. Rather, he fits into a particular slot in his society’s imagined human order. His culture’s myths assign him particular masculine roles (like engaging in politics), rights (like voting) and duties (military).

  • Biology permits, culture forbids

Inspired by: Daniele Bolelli | Daniel Schmachtenberger Topics: Biology | Psychology | Persuasion | Memetic Virus