From Rob Burbea’s Art of Concentration Retreat

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  1. Make sure the rest of the body is relaxed (open up the awareness)
    • We tend to tense the rest of the body in relation to discomfort
  2. Make sure that the Awareness is LARGE
    • Awareness tends to shrink when we are in pain, re-establish it in the whole body
  3. Stay with the area of comfort (pay attention to it more), wherever it is
    • The mind gets pulled into discomfort (we re-train it)
    • We can open and connect the area of comfort with that of discomfort
    • Try to get comfortable feelings to spread over the uncomfortable ones
  4. Play with the breath
    • Fill the body with breath
  5. Breathe into the pain, or make it flow through it (don’t be afraid to use imagination)
    • Check what parts of the body need the breath energy
  6. Become aware of fear
    • Is the fear building the pain?
  7. Move the body
    • Don’t go beyond your limits
  8. Imagine Metta or bright light originating from the area of discomfort

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