• Do not take rushed decision (if decision requires you to be rushed and you can avoid taking the decision, avoid it)
  • Decision Journals help us mitigate some of the biases in our decisions
  • Look to falsify the beliefs you hold to be true to counter the [[ Confirmation Bias ]]
    • “If that’s not the way you are thinking you will not be successful, except by accident” - [[ Annie Duke ]]

    • Looking for the things we don’t know can help us to deal with both of our information issues
      • The Information we have is limited and often wrong
    • Falsifiability
  • Keep in mind Cognitive Biases

Good Decisions vs Good Outcomes

  • The two things are very different
    • We cannot assess decision quality objectively
      • Instead, we can assess the outcome of that decision
      • The problem is that we tend to mistake a good outcome with a good decision and viceversa


  • Hell Yeah or No vs. just say yes
  • [[ the map is not the territory -menu is not the food- ]]
  • [[ What you want now vs what you want most ]]
  • [[ Collective Decision-Making ]]

Created on: 2020-10-20 Related: [[ Podcast Notes - Annie Duke – How to Decide (EP.22)]] | [[010 Mind MOC ]]


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