The Earth has systems in place to remain in its current Holocenic state through regulating Ecosystem Services

![Earth System Resilience](assets/Earth System Resilience.png)

Feedback Loops Keep The Earth Resilient

  • balancing feedback loops
  • Earth carbon storage
  • White polar regions reflect sunlight helping to cool the Earth
    • If they melt they’d start absorbing heat reversing the feedback loop
  • If you reduce vegetation → more CO2 is in the atmosphere → higher temperature → plants increase their biomass
    • After some point, the ability of the Earth to maintain these feedback loops is disrupted

Managing Earth Resilience

  • The conventional approach in Environmental Management has been one of efficiency and optimization
    • This view only works if we know how the World works and if it works in linear ways
  • When the impact show the characteristics below the conventional approach doesn’t work

Tipping Elements

critical elements in maintaining the planet in favourable Holocene-like conditions.

Tipping Elements Lenton et al

![Earth System Resilience in Difficult times](Earth System Resilience in Difficult times.png)


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