![Geological Ages](assets/Geological Ages.png)

Cycles have been alternating between Ice ages and warmer periods

Eemian (120,000 years back)

  • Temperatures 2^C higher than Holocene
  • Incredible sea level rise (4 to 6 meters higher)

Last Ice age

  • Really high temperature variability
  • Humans almost went extinct

Holocene (10,000 years)

  • Stable period, great for human flourishing
  • Great for rainforests and agriculture
    • Beginning of agriculture at the start of Holocene in four different locations


  • the period in which humans are the dominant force of geological change on Earth
  • We’re heading to 3C increase in temperature by the end of the century

What would make a good anthropocene?

  • Fairness
    • No matter who your parents are, you’ll have the same opportunities as everyone else
  • Prosperity
  • Sustainability

We need to research to see how we can integrate these three and how they can support one another

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