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Why Meditate?

Different motivations can all co-exist at the same time in different proportion

  • None of them is wrong
  • They can become constricting if taken too seriously

Your aspirations create your understanding of the path

  • Medical Perspective
    • Feelings of well-being
  • Escapism
  • For the benefit of all beings
  • Sense of Sacredness or Beauty (Artistic)
    • Seeing the practice as Art and doing it for its own sake
  • Research Approach
    • Practicing to discover things about oneself or consciousness

Medical Benefits

  • Reduces activity in Default Mode Network (on and off cushion)
    • Easier to get into [[ Flow State ]]
      • Stop mental chatter
      • Stop sense of Self
  • [[ Meditation changes the brain ]]
  • [[ you can experience pain without suffering ]]
  • Better Attention
  • Lowers
    • [[ stress ]] Hormones
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Age related cognitive decline
    • [[ Addiction ]]
  • You can get many great insights in the meditative state
    • Similar to the dream state or psychedelics
    • When you’re stuck on a problem and can’t solve it with your rational mind, meditation can provide great insights


Main Techniques

  • Samadhi
    • [[ Twenty Point Meditation (Forall Method) ]]
    • [[ Energy Body ]]
  • Insight
  • [[ Mindfulness ]]
    • Bringing full [[ Awareness ]] of the present moment. Aware of your body sensations, of your thoughts and emotions.
    • Every time we notice we get distracted, we not only practice mindfulness, but also forgiveness and compassion for ourselves
  • Counting Breaths
  • Observing Thoughts
    • Labeling → Focus on breath and every time you notice you are thinking label “thinking”, or ‘planning’, or ‘remembering’ etc…
      • In a way labeling also creates the experience
        • If you label a sensation as “pain”, you also fabricate a self experiencing the pain
        • You compare yourself to others who seem to have no pain
        • The experience may become more painful than if you labeled it as “warmth”

Other Techniques

  • [[ Bioemotive Meditation ]]
  • [[ Feeling Through Emotions ]]
  • [[ Naval’s Meditation technique ]]
  • [[ Choicelessness ]]
  • Mantras
  • Visualizations


  • The body is the anchor to the present moment. The thoughts are the waves. We can’t stop the waves but we can learn to surf (Observe the thoughts without getting carried away)
    • Expect waves to be there. There will be ups and downs in practice. Don’t get discouraged when there are downs

Holding Different Views

Different Perspectives on Pleasure

  • One View says that pleasure in meditation is a trap
    • Just be aware of it from a detached perspective, choiceless, indifferent
  • Rob Burbea finds nothing wrong with pleasure in meditation
    • The Buddha seems to have said: The pleasure of calmness is a pleasure I’ll allow myself
    • ==Creating a reservoir of pleasure and well being in practice allows us to let go and renounce material things==
    • We need less to be satisfied (food, entertainment, stuff)
    • No need to be comfortable or security
    • We become more available to others

Different Perspectives on Goals

  • We should have no goals at all
    • We should just be with what is, right now
    • Goals are in the future, they get us distracted from the present moment
  • There is room for Goals in Spiritual Practice
    • It’s almost impossible to rid our lives from goals
    • Goals and desire can motivate us and bring passion into our practice
  • Work is still more important than the outcome
    • If you can get enlightened without doing any work, a person working to get enlightened will have achieved a lot more than you [[ Soryu Forall ]]
    • [[ We want the thing without any of the costs (Diet Coke) ]]

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