• One interesting thing, connected to what I wrote yesterday about Take a Moment to re-assess, Derek mentioned about himself when running his business. He felt he didn’t have the time to train his employees well enough so that he could delegate more. Then he just broke down and he had to do it and it was one of the most rewarding things he could do, as now he was able to only work form home and only on the innovative creative parts of the business.
  • He mentions that Awaken the giant within by Tony Robbins was a huge influence on him and that he internalized everything from that book

Meaningful Life

  • Life has no meaning. Everything is a blank slate that you can project whatever meaning we want on to.
  • Meaning is not a fact, it’s just a belief, a perspective
    • You can try on meanings and adopt the one that makes you take better actions.


  • A sign of unhappy parents: they always look forward to the next stage (Unhappy parents are always like “I cant wait until they dont need diapers”. “I can’t wait till they go to school etc…“)

Derek’s Values:

  1. Loves Changing his mind
  2. Understanding different points of view
  3. Creating useful things

Value of Pain

  • We should not sugar coat mistakes thinking, it’s all for the better, because the pain makes us learn. We need to feel the pain to really learn Failure pain sparks growth

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