Rob Burbea

Main Concepts

  • Meditation as an infinite playground of ways of looking at experience
    • There are different ways of looking available to us which unfold different existences
    • Any way of looking is fabricating reality
  • Emptiness
    • Insight defined by its capacity to decrease dukkha
    • Practicing with insight as starting point
  • [[ SoulMaking Dharma ]]
  • Dharma as art → Talks - Questioning Awakening Rob Burbea
    • Creative, Desire, Play, Beauty, Not one truth
  • Goals in Spiritual Practice
  • [[ Pitfalls of Spiritual Frameworks ]]
  • Our Modernist Worldview has impregnated the Dharma with its assumptions and views
  • We assume we can strip off our beliefs and experience reality as it really is
    • What if we drop the assumption of what is reality?

Notes on Talks/Retreats





Topics: [[ Buddhism ]] #MOC

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