A state of energized calmness, a unification of body and mind

Samadhi is on a spectrum, you can have more or less at any given time. It is not a specific state to reach.

Cultivating Well Being Supports Letting Go & Confidence

”If, however, we can have access to, and develop, a reservoir of profound inner well-being, it makes letting go of what is not so helpful much easier. We feel that we have enough, so letting go is not so scary. Over the long term, repeated and regular immersion in such well-being supports the emergence of a steadiness of genuine confidence. We come to know, beyond doubt, that happiness is possible for us in this life. And because this deep happiness we are experiencing is originating from within us, we begin to feel less vulnerable to and dependent on the uncertainties of changing external conditions. “

Positive Feedback Loops

  • Cultivating Samadhi, we cultivate states with less and less fabrication. Less and less Self. Thus we create fertile soil for insight into Emptiness
    • Insight, also helps cultivating states of Samadhi
  • Samdhi supports Happiness and vice-versa

For the Good of All Beings

  • Creating a reservoir of pleasure and well being in practice allows us to let go and renounce material things
  • It gives us the ability to refuse
    • It’s hard to escape the system when you’re addicted to its products
    • Psychologically and emotionally we can fill ourselves with well-being
  • You can drench yourself in love, peace and well-being at will
  • You can get to the edge of burnout, and get in this place of energy and peace
  • We can encounter the pain of the world with an open heart
  • Ethical behavior encourages states of well-being
    • True happiness lies in living a virtuous life

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Resistance to Pleasure

  • We might have a tendency to not allow ourselves to enjoy